Taylor Swift's New App Is Already Overrun with Trump Trolls

Taylor Swift's New App Is Already Overrun with Trump Trolls
Taylor "I couldn't have asked for a better year" Swift is rounding out 2017 with the launch of her brand new app, the Swift Life, but since arriving in the U.S. App Store on Friday (December 15), it's already caused quite a bit of controversy.
Designed as a social media haven of all things Swift, fans have certainly been expressing themselves with Taymojis and watching exclusive video clips, but some fan interactions have already spawned fierce debates and backlash.
Despite their shared love of the pop star, Swifties aren't getting along in the comments section when it comes to politics. An app user by the name Britt (@delicatebrittanie) posted a message defending U.S. President Donald Trump, which quickly garnered bunch of likes — but drew criticism from left-leaning fans.
And although Britt claimed that not all Trump supporters are "bigoted, sexist homophobes," other comments on the same post didn't lend much strength to that theory. One comment read: "I just don't accept gays lesbians and bisexuals."
Britt has since deleted her posts about Trump, declaring that there will be "no more political posts from me."

The politically charged posts have received plenty of criticism from fans arguing that inflammatory comment wars are distracting from the ultimate goal of gushing over their shared Swift love.
Swift, of course, has remained silent on the in-app controversy.
Earlier this year, she refused to publicly denounce white supremacists, even after her legal team confronted a blogger over a post alleging that Swift's music served as a rallying cry for the alt-right. Swift's lawyers maintained that the piece was "provably false and defamatory," but the ACLU criticized them for using intimidation tactics to suppress free speech. The pop star has yet to publicly address the ordeal.
Many Swift Life users and critics have spoken out about the singer's latest controversy, however, and you can see a selection of those responses from Twitter below.

Swift's album Reputation is available on picture disc and CD through Umusic.