​Taylor Swift Shares Mysterious Teaser Videos

*snake emoji*
​Taylor Swift Shares Mysterious Teaser Videos
Taylor Swift got the internet buzzing on Friday (August 18) when she wiped all of her social media accounts clean. Many predicted that the clean slate meant new material was on the way, and she seems to be fuelling the rumours with a cryptic teaser clip.
The pop star has shared a mysterious 10-second video that depicts some sort of slithering reptilian tail. It's not accompanied by any new music yet, but we're holding out hope that some is on the way soon.
Swift seems to be hinting at a tongue-in-cheek response to her reputation as a snake — or Kim Kardashian has orchestrated the greatest social media hack of all time.
Either way, check out the brief snippet below.

UPDATE (8/22, 11:00 a.m. EDT): Swift has shared a second snippet, this time featuring 20 seconds of what does, indeed, appear to be a snake. Check out the second teaser below, as well.
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