Taylor Swift Had a Totally Legit Reason for Skipping the VMAs: Jury Duty

Taylor Swift Had a Totally Legit Reason for Skipping the VMAs: Jury Duty
Last year, the MTV Video Music Awards cemented Taylor Swift's reign as the Princess of Pop, with the singer pretty much sweeping the ceremony for her "Bad Blood" video. Despite the haul of Moonmen, though, Swift couldn't steer clear of controversy, getting into a public spat with Nicki Minaj — and that, of course, followed the infamous 2009 awards show where Kanye West interrupted Swift's acceptance speech to inform the world that Beyoncé was a more deserving recipient of the trophy.
Well, Beyoncé stole back the show at last night's (August 28) VMAs, taking home eight awards and slaying the audience with a 15-minute Lemonade performance, and there was a decided lack of Swift in the crowd.
West namedropped his wife's nemesis during his monologue in the lead-up to debuting his "Fade" video, but even as clips from the rapper's controversial "Famous" video flashed in front of the crowd, Swift was nowhere to be seen.
As it turns out, the Nashville-raised singer-songwriter skipped out on the 'Ye and 'Yoncé show to fulfill her civic duties at jury duty.
Thanks to Twitter, we now know that while Kimye was throwing shade in Swift's direction on national television, Swift was taking selfies with fellow jurors.

Some sneakier shots (and even video footage) of the singer serving jury duty have also surfaced online.

So, there you have it. Swift wasn't just cowering in fear of the Kardashian clan or sulking over her lack of eligibility for this year's VMAs — or at least she can say she had a valid reason for not attending.

UPDATE (8/28, 2:50 p.m. EDT): According to TMZ , Swift has been relieved of jury duty following questioning about potential biases in the case. Due to a pending sexual assault case of her own involving a radio DJ that allegedly fondled Swift backstage at a concert, Swift told the judge that she did not feel she could be impartial in a rape case like the one she was selected to serve on.

Earlier this year, Swift also donated $250,000 to Kesha to help the singer in her legal battle against Dr. Luke.


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