Tassels Announces 'Pressure Mount' LP

Tassels Announces 'Pressure Mount' LP
Vancouver's Sean Orr is a jack of all trades. He's currently flexing his vocal chops in punky outfit Needs, he works as a visual artist, cracks wise on political issues through his Tea and Two Slices column at Scout, and delivers messed-up electronic soundscapes as Tassels. Now Tassels is about to get an extra boost of exposure, though, as Orr has announced the project's upcoming Pressure Mount LP.

The 13-song record drops digitally and on limited-edition cassette May 29 through Dallas imprint Pour Le Corps. According to a press release, it "combines pop, psych and house music amidst a layer of fuzz, noise and head nodding beats."

Suggested highlights include "Warped," which apparently weaves a sample of the London Sinfonietta interpreting Steve Reich's violin phase with a snippet of jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour, and "Shake Them Shackles," which pits heavenly guitar strums and a busy 808 beat with a snatch of dialogue of a tongue-tied kid talking about his dreams.

For now, you can sample "Shake Them Shackles" over at Prefix.

Pressure Mount:

1. Pressure Mounts
2. Steve Reich's Stag
3. The Taurus
4. Acid
5. Gone
6. An Interlude for Solstice
7. Zeno's Arrow
8. Can't Have It
9. Overkill
10. Warped
11. Shake Them Shackles
12. Google Les Paul + Andy Dixon
13. Is It You