Tall Firs Sign to ATP Recordings, Line Up New Full-Length

Tall Firs Sign to ATP Recordings, Line Up New Full-Length
Tall Firs began as a duo composed of school friends Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan, who later added drummer Ryan Sawyer and moved towards a more rocking sound. Now, they've reverted back to their guitar-duo sound for a new album called Out of It and Into It, which will be released by the band's new label home of ATP Recordings.

According to an announcement from the label, the new material harkens back to the "desolate spaces and warm places" of 2006's self-titled debut. It also "[captures] a spirit of adventure and brutal honesty not seen by them to date."

ATP will issue the album on March 12. This is a UK release date, and there's no word as to whether they will also be handling the North American release, or exactly when that will be. Tall Firs' last two albums came out in North America through Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label.

On November 28, ATP will also drop Tall Firs' new single "Crooked Smiles." Mullan had this to say about the song in a statement:

This song came out of a team effort. I was drunk driving, hopped a curb, and crashed right into it. The melody was killed outright, but the words were still hanging on for dear life, so Dave grabbed the tire iron and put 'em out of their misery. The melody came from finding the opening chord by chance: I'd already put my fingers in all the obvious places for that tuning and it was time to either re-tune, or put my fingers in some dark horse locations and hope. After I found the first chord, the rest of the song just implied itself. I learned that tuning from a hippie girl in high school, although it turns out it was popularized by Davey Graham.

The mellow, folksy track is streaming at the bottom of this page. The single includes the non-LP track "Highway 5" and is available to pre-order through ATP's webstore.

The label is also asking fans to submit footage from past ATP festivals for use in a music video. Get more information (and see the band's UK tour schedule) here.

Tall Firs - Crooked Smiles by tallfirs