Talk Talk's Mark Hollis to Release First New Music in 14 Years on 'Boss' TV Show

Talk Talk's Mark Hollis to Release First New Music in 14 Years on 'Boss' TV Show
Despite members of Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene and Weezer teaming up for the Spirit of Talk Talk tribute album earlier this year, fans of Talk Talk's main man Mark Hollis haven't heard any new music from the dude in 14 years. That's all about to change, however, with news that the songwriter has contributed an unreleased instrumental piece for Kelsey Grammer's Boss TV show.

Pitchfork reports that the piece is called "ARB Section 1," and it will play during the closing scene and end credits of Boss's September 21 program. This will be the first new music heard out of Hollis since his 1998 self-titled solo set.

Hollis was roped into contributing material by Boss's music supervisor and composer Brian Reitzell, a former member of Redd Kross who has made a living in the film industry since the '90s, working on films like Friday Night LightsThumbsucker and Lost in Translation. Apparently, he's a huge Talk Talk fan.

"Mark's one of my heroes," Reitzell told Pitchfork, adding that Hollis had previously turned down the opportunity to work together with Reitzell and collaborators Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Justin Meldal-Johnsen over a decade ago.

Reitzell has some other notable names popping up soundtrack-wise on Boss this year, including My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Oneohtrix Point Never, Shearwater, Air, and Red Red Meat/Califone member Tim Rutili. You can peep some airing details down below.

Boss is produced by U.S. station Starz, but airs on Super Channel in Canada.

UPDATE: You can listen to Hollis's contribution to the show below.

8/31 Episode 203: Air

9/7 Episode 204: Oneohtrix Point Never

9/14 Episode 205: Tim Rutili (Red Red Meat, Califone)

9/21 Episode 206: Mark Hollis (Talk Talk)

9/28 Episode 207: Jim James (My Morning Jacket); Nicolas Godin, JB Dunckel (Air) (two cues)

10/5 Episode 208: Oneohtrix Point Never