Take the Grunge Quiz!

Take the Grunge Quiz!
Considering all the hubbub surrounding the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind, including its impending reissue and that all-night "Smells Like Teen Spirit" marathon coming up in Toronto, it's safe to say that we've got grunge on the brain this fall. Capitalizing on our '90s nostalgia, the New York Times have whipped up a fun little quiz to test your knowledge.

The questionnaire pretty well hits all the major players of the scene. From inter-band relations to production credits to Q's about Cameron Crowe's film Singles, there's quite a bit covered across 19 questions. More serious musicologists might scoff at the simplicity of the test (seriously, if you have even a cursory knowledge of band members' names, the photo and caption accompanying question five is a dead giveaway), but it's still a good spot of grungey fun. And good on the Times for skipping over Candlebox.

Had we whipped up our own version, we probably would have added some questions about how many Seattle-based bands were actually on Sub Pop 100, what Malfunkshun song is J Mascis's favourite, which Seattle rockers popped up occasionally on regional comedy program Almost Live! or which well-respected newspaper had the wool pulled over its eyes on its famously flubbed piece about fabricated "grungespeak."

So toss on your plaids and wack slacks and get your pencils cursors ready, you bunch of lamestains. There's a quiz to do.

Head here to test that grunge knowledge.