T.I. Weighs In on Snoop Controversy with "Atomic Dog Diarrhea Face Ass Man" Donald Trump

T.I. Weighs In on Snoop Controversy with 'Atomic Dog Diarrhea Face Ass Man' Donald Trump
Sentient spray tan/United States President Donald Trump hit back at Long Beach rap legend Snoop Dogg yesterday (March 15) after feeling he was unfairly mocked in a new video from the Doggfather. Now, T.I. has stepped up to bat to defend his hip-hop counterpart.

In a profanity-laden Instagram post, T.I. made his stance clear by writing, "[Snoop Dogg] is a Fuckin Legend u Fucking Tangerine Tanned Muskrat scrotum skin, Lacefront Possum fur Wig wearing, Alternative fact,Atomic Dog diarrhea face ass man!!!!"

And the rapper wasn't done there.

"Leave our legends names out ya fuckin old ass puppy piss smelling ass mouth & continue to focus on dividing minorities,building barriers, alienating immigrants, & fuckin this country up like u been doin," T.I. wrote, before closing the post with hashtags #UWannaBeDictator and #PresidentialLevelFuckBoy.

It wouldn't be out of character for the petulant child president to respond, as Trump is an Instagram user himself

The president's response to Snoop came after watching the video for the rapper's remix of BADBADNOTGOOD and Kaytranada's "Lavender," in which Snoop fires a gun at a clown-like politician named Ronald Klump. You can take in the video here.

Find T.I.'s Instagram post below.