​T-Rextasy Back Out of Tour with PWR BTTM in Wake of Sexual Assault Allegations

​T-Rextasy Back Out of Tour with PWR BTTM in Wake of Sexual Assault Allegations
New York band T-Rextasy were slated to open for PWR BTTM on the duo's upcoming summer tour, but they have now backed out following the sexual assault allegations against the headliners that surfaced yesterday (May 11).
After a series of social media posts describing PWR BTTM's Ben Hopkins as "a known sexual predator" and a "perpetrator of multiple assaults" started to circulate, Hopkins and bandmate Liv Bruce responded to the claims, saying, "These allegations are shocking to us and we take them very seriously" and pledging to handle the situation with "openness and accountability."
Announcing their decision to pull out of the upcoming tour dates, T-Rextasy claimed that they'd been warned privately about Hopkins alleged behaviour months ago, but did not share the news publicly out of respect for a person who came to them in confidence. The band went on to acknowledge their complicity and selfishness by agreeing to remain on the tour bill with PWR BTTM until now, and admitted they feared backing out "would damage our professional relationships."
T-Rextasy apologized for putting "our career above the safety of fans," and firmly stated: "We made a mistake supporting this band." They also invited fans to open dialogue by reaching out via Twitter or email.
Read their full Twitter address below.

UPDATE (5/12, 11:30 a.m. EDT): Another opening act on the upcoming tour has also backed out of shows. Nnamdi Ogbonnaya announced that he will no longer be playing with the band, saying he "can't comfortably continue" following the allegations against PWR BTTM.

Many others from queer and DIY communities have since voiced their support for Hopkins's accusers on social media.

Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz and Sad13 detailed her own experience of sexual assault on Twitter, and also called bullshit on PWR BTTM's surprised reaction, saying she is "100% proof positive that everyone involved has known about these allegations for at least 3 months."
Friends and former PWR BTTM tourmates Diet Cig also weighed in on the controversy, citing their own shock and confusion, but affirming that they "stand with survivors, always."
PWR BTTM's sophomore LP Pageant is set for release today (May 12) through Polyvinyl — though the label is reportedly offering refunds to those wishing to withdraw their support from the band. Their upcoming tour dates (now without T-Rextasy) can be found here.

UPDATE (5/12, 12:30 p.m. EDT): Now a touring member of PWR BTTM has quit the band. You can learn more about that development over here.