Swervedriver/Interpol Offshoot Magnetic Morning Release Debut Album Details

Swervedriver/Interpol Offshoot Magnetic Morning Release Debut Album Details
"Super duo” Magnetic Morning have finally lined up a date for some new full-length action. The project, made up of Swervedriver front-man Adam Franklin and Interpol drummer Sam Forgarino, have picked January 27 as the date for their debut album, appropriately titled A.M., which will come courtesy of Friend or Faux.

On production duties, Magnetic Morning (or as they were formerly known as, Setting Suns) have enlisted Andy LeMaster of Saddle Creek outfit Now It’s Overheard to engineer the album, and have brought in a little extra musical muscle by way of the Album Leaf’s Jimmy Lavelle and sometimes Interpol touring member Frederic "F.A." Blasco.

A.M. will follow Magnetic Morning’s self-titled EP, which, as previously reported, came out earlier this year. It will also come in the wake of the Swervies’ up-and-coming reissue campaign, which finds the bands first three albums — Raise, Mezcal Head and Ejector Seat Reservation — getting some much-deserved remastering treatment in North America on January 6.

Here’s what’s in store for Magnetic Morning’s A.M.:

1. "Spring Unseen”
2. "At a Crossroads, Passive”
3. "Indian Summer”
4. "Come Back”
5. "No Direction”
6. "Motorway”
7. "The Wrong Turning”
8. "Out in the Streets”
9. "And I Wonder”
10. "Athens 5”

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