Suuns "Brainwash" (video and Lee Gamble Reconstruction)

Suuns 'Brainwash' (video and Lee Gamble Reconstruction)
Montreal's Suuns have offered up yet another bleak preview from their forthcoming Hold/Still LP. This time, they've grafted some twisted, old-school CGI graphics to a video for its deceptively poppy "Brainwash."

The video comes directed by Suuns' Max Henry, though the visuals come from a new VR app produced between the band and game designers Jake Clover and Nicolas Roy.

The clip first explores a bizarre beach landscape, with the journey scored by some subtly strummed guitar work. The ushering in of a post-industrial mash of noise switches landscapes, with the video now entering a cavernous, neon structure.

You'll find the play-through-style video below, where you can also stream a remix of the track from Lee Gamble.

More info on Suuns' app can be found over here, while Hold/Still officially sees release April 15 through Secret City in Canada and Secretly Canadian in the U.S.