Susan Boyle "Perfect Day" (video)

Susan Boyle 'Perfect Day' (video)
Over 40 years into his musical career, former Velvet Underground leader Lou Reed still knows how to shock his audience. Already this year, he's performed a concert at a pitch only audible to dogs and got booed at the Montreal Jazz Festival for performing a set of abstract free jazz. Now, Reed has pulled his latest head-scratching stunt -- he's helped to mastermind the video for Susan Boyle's version of "Perfect Day."

Boyle's version of "Perfect Day" has been wrapped up in controversy from the start, as she was originally denied permission to perform it at all. Reed claimed that he wasn't the one who stopped her from singing it, and now he's going the extra mile to prove that he supports Boyle.

He told the Sunday Mail, "I wanted to create a beautiful and intimate piece shot in Susan's native Scotland and she quickly agree."

The video is below. Velvet Underground fans, you might want to cover your eyes and ears.