Survival Knife "Fell Runner"

Survival Knife 'Fell Runner'
While Unwound's back catalogue has been put back in the spotlight via the Numero Group's ongoing reissue series, the band's Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno have been forging ahead with their post-punk careers in newer unit Survival Knife. Following last year's debut single, the band have announced an album called Loose Power is on the way. "Fell Runner" is the first buzzy song to be revealed.

The track has the foursome cycling through a few styles over the track's punchy arrangement, whether offering up ragged and angular spy-style licks in the front end, or with Trosper detailing a man's lonely journey atop a bright and jangly, Revolution Summer-influenced chorus.

You can check out the act's new tune down below, ahead of Loose Power's April 29 due date through Glacial Pace.

Unwound's Rat Conspiracy box set, meanwhile, arrives March 18.