Surf City Surf City

Following the recent surge of reverb-worshipping pop bands like Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls, New Zealand presents the country’s new echo-y export Surf City. And like their American cousins, the young Kiwi foursome undeniably hold their homeland’s Flying Nun label dear to their hearts. Repeatedly you will hear the jangling lo-fi influence of Flying Nun stalwarts such as the Clean, Straightjacket Fits and the Chills on Surf City’s debut EP. And yet, heavily influenced or not, Surf City don’t make their six-track release some pointless nostalgia exercise. Through some clever sonic add-ons the band in fact push these old sounds forward and twist them up with hints of Animal Collective tribalism, some shoegaze and, like their name implies, a hefty dose of surf rock twang. It all easily makes for a great first step, proving that the brass over at Morr have made a wise choice in Surf City. (Morr)