Support Lebanese Musicians Affected by the Beirut Explosion

Support Lebanese Musicians Affected by the Beirut Explosion
A massive explosion rocked the city of Beirut earlier this week, and listeners around the globe are moving to lend a hand to artists, musicians and culture workers in the city and in Lebanon through the Bandcamp Friday revenue share waiver.

Individuals and organizations in the country's music industry, or who have worked with Lebanese artists, have compiled a list of musicians, labels and festivals in the country that listeners can support directly through purchasing their music.

A partial list of artists and industry bodies can be found below for your discovery, while further links for donations and support can be found in the document.

Bandcamp first revealed its plan to waive 100 percent of its revenue fees in March, with musicians on the platform earning $4.3 million USD. A second waiver day in May saw $7.1 million USD spent during the 24-hour period.

Last month, Bandcamp announced plans to extend Bandcamp Fridays through until the end of 2020.

Read Exclaim!'s interview with Bandcamp COO Josh Kim.

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Ruptured Records
Annihaya Records
Al Maslakh Records
Morphine Records
VV-VA Records
Irtijal Festival
Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival
Charbel Haber
Fadi Tabbal
Sharif Sehnaoui
Tony Elieh
Marc Codsi
Sary Moussa
Kid Fourteen
Stress Distress
Two or The Dragon - التنّين
Stephanie Merchak
Youmna Saba
Liliane Chlela
Rise 1969
Jason Kaakoush
Zeid Hamdan
Donna Khalifeh
The Great Departed
El Rass