Supersuckers/Electric Frankenstein Splitsville Vol. 1

As the title of this record suggests, this is a split album with five songs each by two of the heaviest hitters of the underground rock scene. While this might not be the highlight of either band’s career, the material here does rise above the B-list marker. The best track is probably the Supersuckers’ kick-off "Then I’m Gone," which is a textbook slice of speedy punk rock and roll. Also of note is the faux-metal salute to the dark side, "Devil’s Food," and the cover of Electric Frankenstein’s "Teenage Shutdown." As for Electric Frankenstein’s half of the record, it’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect from their constantly cranking sandpaper-sore throat/Gibson distortion factory. The standout EF track returns the cover version favour with a rough run-through of the Supersuckers’ "She’s My Bitch." I got to say, though, that I’m pretty much sick of singer Steve Miller’s monotonous voice, as it has zero range or warmth. His shredded larynx has single-handedly reduced their last few releases to a musicality on par with a crazed rubby screaming about two inches from your ear. (Music Cartel)