Superchunk Prepping First New Studio Album in Nine Years

Superchunk Prepping First New Studio Album in Nine Years
North Carolina indie rock legends Superchunk haven't released a new album since 2001's Here's to Shutting Up, but that's all set to change as they finalize a new LP. Speaking with the Canadian Press, front-man Mac McCaughan revealed a new album from the much-missed band is close to completion.

"We're working on a record, we're not too far from being done... we're in the kind of overdubbing and mixing stage at this point," McCaughan said. "I'd say it's more guitar-oriented than Here's to Shutting Up. And maybe a little louder in general."

 For now, that's the only information McCaughan has dropped on the new release. Still, it should be enough to excite more than a few loyal Chunkers.

In the meantime, we recently told you that McCaughan and his Superchunk/Portastatic band-mate Jim Wilbur will be performing an acoustic set in Toronto this Wednesday (April 7).

The performance is part of a screening party for the film Passenger Side. For the film, McCaughan also served as the music consultant, compiling a soundtrack that included everyone from Leonard Cohen and Dinosaur Jr. to D.O.A. and SNFU.