Supagroup Fire For Hire

More and more bands are taking up undeserving space on the boogie rock bandwagon now that acts such as Airbourne, Pride Tiger and Priestess are showing their AC/Greasy, Motörhead colours. The state of punk-tinged rock’n’roll seems poised on the cusp of either becoming the next big thing or falling down the shitter forever — kind of the same thing minus a few years. Still, with bands such as New Orleans’ Supagroup waving the flag alongside Nashville Pussy and Supersuckers for almost a decade, we know there are an untainted few sporting genuine For Those About To Rock tour T-shirts. Bluesy, boozy and ballsy, this latest addition to the Supagroup catalogue is a relaxed, mid-tempo affair that occasionally revs up into snotty, leering territory when the Jack Daniel’s hits the system. It’s a bit leaner and tarted-up than most of the band’s exuberant early releases but still features tons more smoky flavour than most of the (un)reasonably hand-drawn facsimiles preening along with their Thin Lizzy reissues. (Foodchain)