Sunshine "Two Hundred Grand" / "Showering With Wine"

Sunshine 'Two Hundred Grand' / 'Showering With Wine'
Though Vancouver quintet Sunshine's self-titled LP never made it onto wax, BC-based boutique imprint Kingfisher Bluez has plucked a pair of the set's perky indie pop tracks for a new limited-edition 7-inch single.

The A-side hosts "Two Hundred Grand," described in a press release as an "ode to casual crime, gambling and kissing," as delivered by the Tempur-Pedic, pillow-soft shush of band leader Trevor Risk. Upping the fuzz a smidge is the flip's "Showering with Wine," where the frontman waxes on choice glass wear and soaking himself under a fine stream of chardonnay.

Sunshine's two-song single is available now and can be streamed down below or over on Bandcamp.