Sunshine "Precious Rock" (video)

Sunshine 'Precious Rock' (video)
FUBAR is one of Canada's classic cult comedies, one apparently quite appreciated by Vancouver shoegaze outfit Sunshine. As such, the quintet have left it up to the movie's mulleted metal fan Deaner to direct the music video for their new single, "Precious Rock." Whether or not that's a good thing remains up for debate.

The video is quite lean on band action, rather playing out vis-a-vis a pair of Lego people spinning Sunshine in a blocky apartment. While you can almost hear the band's latest track, rife with airy guitar sonics and boy-girl harmonies, you mostly get some inane chit-chat from a sculpted hipster tasked with reviewing the song for "a magazine." Blessedly breaking up the static visuals and empty inanity of the convo is a twist, mid-song smashup.

Vocalist/guitarist Trevor Risk explains of the egregious scene:

I spent the last few years working for an American PR company and writing press releases about artists. I got wise pretty quickly that I was just actually writing the words for the music critics to copy and paste into their articles. It didn't so much bother me that I was seeing words I wrote credited to other writers, or that many times the writer would just tell me to write the article for them and they'd post it (or worse, ask for money and/or nude photos of our artists in exchange for press), but rather, it bothered me that in the press releases, I wasn't criticizing the work. I was only describing what the music was. That's why critics have taken such a massive hit in relevancy: you can't trust someone's taste who merely says "This exists" rather than "X is fantastic" or "Y is a letdown."

Deaner, meanwhile, submitted an actual review of "Precious Rock" after all, stating: "The floor tom makes me want to buy Robert Pollard's 1996 Ford Taurus and the wave-cresting guitars make me want to rip through a carwash and the vocals make me want to live forever."

Sunshine's shitty video for a pretty decent song can be found below, while their two-song "Precious Rock"/"Puppet Eye" digital single can be found on Bandcamp.