Sunset Glowing City

As much as the term "prolific” gets thrown around in music journalism, it’s becoming an increasingly appropriate descriptor when discussing Bill Baird. In 2008 alone, the Austin songwriter’s Sunset (or {{{Sunset}}}, if he feels like messing with the typesetters) has churned out no fewer than four albums, the latest of which is Glowing City. And like its predecessors, it’s by no means short on ambition. With 80 minutes and 18 tracks, Glowing City is a monstrous undertaking, as Baird and his Sunset players deliver a sprawling piece of psychedelic pop that rivals any Olivia Tremor Control epic. Taking a break from the droning instrumentals, the band delve into bigger, more sweeping arrangements, shining the light on Baird’s more song-oriented side, as well as his love for idiosyncratic subjects (i.e., mirror maps, 24-karat souls, zombies). Sunset also flex more instrumental muscle this time out, incorporating bursts of brass, strings and keys into Baird’s textured and increasingly impressive production. And while Glowing City is tough to digest all at once, it does prove Sunset have a lot of to offer — perhaps too much. (Autobus)