Suns of Arqua Cosmic Jugalbandi

Finally available in Canada, courtesy of Interchill records, the Suns of Arqua are back with their latest release, Cosmic Jugalbandi. Bassist and original founder Michael Wadada provides the foundation to a most inspiring project, bringing together a number of very talented artists. Based on five authentic ragas using tablas, tampuras, bansuri, violin, keys and bass, played by some of India's most respected musicians, this album lives and breaths a certain magic. Mixed by England's Zion Train, track three will have you skanking along to its deep reggae bass line. Track six will surely calm your soul with a steady, trance-inducing rhythm. The beat incorporates an element that is very similar to the sound that two billiard balls make when they meet. Quite unusual, however soothing, music for meditation. (Interchill)