Sunn O))) The GrimmRobe Demos

Originally a limited edition release on Hydra Head with special packaging that was limited to 500 copies back in 1999, Southern Lord has finally decided to re-release these first recordings from their in-house doom-drone outfit for mass consumption. These initial recordings, which find guitarists Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson performing mainly as a duo, captures the band in their formative stages. As the band were originally created as a tribute to Dylan Carlson’s Earth, these songs find Sunn O))) making massive guitar drone head-fucks that are reminiscent of Earth’s seminal 2 release. Now remastered with bonus tracks (one on the CD, two on the limited edition album — if you can find it), GrimmRobe isn’t as experimental as future releases would become, but they are still bowel-shakingly heavy enough that drone fans will certainly want this if they didn’t get the chance to pick it up first time around. (Southern Lord)