Sun Kil Moon "Black Kite" (video)

Sun Kil Moon 'Black Kite' (video)
Mark Kozelek's work as Sun Kil Moon can easily be summed up as both sombre and beautiful, and the same can be said for the new video for Among the Leaves cut "Black Kite."

The black and white clip collects several stark vignettes, from slow-motion scenes of wind-stricken grass on a hill, to out-of-focus highway shots, to a brief snippet of Kozelek obscured by a sunbeam, making for a pensive watch most suitable for the tranquil, finger-picked acoustic meandering of "Black Kite."

Either your heat will wrench at the sight of rain gently tapping on a camera affixed towards a tree, a power line and a bit of a chain link fence, or you'll find the spare clip pretty dry. Either way, check it all out down below and contemplate your existence for a bit.