Summer Of '92 Bullet

This band’s claim of playing genuine "acoustic hardcore” is one they back up wholeheartedly on this emotional debut EP. Led by the powerful vocals of Jason Dwyer, the band’s sound is similar to that of Grade’s few acoustic releases. Dwyer’s rough delivery sounds like it would be better suited barking out hardcore chants, but the out-of-place feeling it creates brings the songs on Bullet to a whole new level. Co-conspirator Matt Coverly’s guitar and piano touches create an exquisite atmosphere on each song, particularly the devastating "This Song Is A Bullet,” whose cry of "This song is a bullet for a friend / Who was raped repeatedly by four men / When she was only 17 years old” is as heavy sonically as its subject matter is. A touching record that plays with emotions without ever venturing into "emo” territory, Summer of ’92 prove that hardcore can be played with only an acoustic guitar and all of your heart. (Bad Samaritan)