Sum 41 Release Japan-Only Greatest Hits Album

Sum 41 Release Japan-Only Greatest Hits Album
Following the release of last year’s politically charged Underclass Hero album, Sum 41 have been pretty low-key for 2008. Fortunately, the band have made a single contribution with 8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears: The Best of Sum 41, a greatest hits CD and DVD combo. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Japan.

Besides packaging their best tracks and videos in one place, the release also includes a new song called "Steering Wheels,” which might be enough to warrant some hefty shipping charges from some overzealous fans.

Not much else is happening from the Sum 41 camp, as Jason "Cone" McCaslin is busy with his Operation MD project, drummer Steve "Stevo" Jocz is touring as a member of the Vandals and Deryck Whibley is busy being Mr. Lavigne, for now.

8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears tracklisting:

1. "Still Waiting”
2. "The Hell Song”
3. "Fat Lip”
4. "We're All To Blame”
5. "Walking Disaster”
6. "In Too Deep”
7. "Pieces”
8. "Underclass Hero”
9. "Motivation”
10. "Makes No Difference”
11. "With Me”
12. "Steering Wheels”
13. "Over My Head”
14. "Pain For Pleasure”
15. "Subject To Change”
16. "My Direction (Live)”
17. "Welcome To Hell (Live)”


1. "Fat Lip”
2. "Pain For Pleasure”
3. "Makes No Difference”
4. "In Too Deep”
5. "Motivation”
6. "The Hell Song”
7. "Over My Head (Dead)”
8. "Still Waiting”
9. "We're All To Blame”
10. "Pieces”
11. "Underclass Hero”
12. "Walking Disaster”
13. "With Me”

Sum 41 "Fat Lip”