Sufjan Stevens Prepping Another Christmas Release?

Sufjan Stevens Prepping Another Christmas Release?
Considering Sufjan Stevens has already issued multiple Christmas-themed releases over the years, it should be no surprise to find out that the guy likely has more seasons greetings coming our way. While it has yet to be announced properly, Stevens may soon announce some Christmas cheer.

As Pitchfork points out, the indie pop singer-songwriter unveiled a new Tumblr page sometime yesterday (September 13) that initially bore the title "CHRISTMAS IS COMING!", but has since been altered to read "ADVENT OF THE APOCALYPSE!" Beyond that, a couple of animated gifs nicked from yuletide slasher films Silent Night, Deadly Night and Black Christmas are posted on the page.

That's not necessarily the most concrete evidence for a new release, but considering the circumstances, chances are good that something's in the works. Stevens's label Asthmatic Kitty has yet to offer any more details.

It should also be noted that blog-buzzed teen rapper Kitty Pryde posted the following message on her Facebook page last week: "just finished my christmas song for sufjan stevens....................(:"

Stevens's last Christmas-themed release was 2010's Gloria! Songs for Christmas Vol. VI.