Sufjan Stevens/Osso "Run Rabbit Run"

Sufjan Stevens/Osso 'Run Rabbit Run'
How ever odd and obscure, Sufjan Stevens fans are right to be intrigued by the forthcoming interpretation of his work by noted string section Osso. The quartet has contributed integral sounds to albums by Stevens and fellow Asthmatic Kitty visionary, My Brightest Diamond in the past. But in this case, Osso are flying forward on their own. Well, almost.

Though best-known as a pop singer and songwriter, Stevens released a 14-song collection of experimental instrumental music in 2001, called Enjoy Your Rabbit, where each composition was inspired by an animal of the Chinese Zodiac. On the suggestion of pal Bryce Dessner (The National, Clogs), Stevens rearranged that record for Osso; the group is set to release their string-section adaptation, Run Rabbit Run on October 6th. Even without the source material buzzing around one's head, the title track is a splendid, dramatic progression that springs forth urgently.

Listen to "Run Rabbit Run" by Sufjan Stevens/Osso here.