Stu Harcourt Coming Of Age

Stu Harcourt is another in a long list of musicians that can claim being a finalist in an international songwriting contests. His effort, Coming Of Age, is the title track of his second release and it sets the scene for the rest of the album - nicely strummed acoustic pop that isn't entirely unlike Crowded House, except not quite as good. Harcourt, who now spends most of his time in Toronto, could be easily dismissed as just another singer/songwriter, but that would do him a little injustice because there is definitely some talent on show during these ten songs, but the polished production helps to strip away some of his own personality. The times when the music takes a funkier, jazzier feel is where he comes into his own, indicating where his true love may lie. Harcourt is currently working in Toronto as part of a songwriting team, so perhaps working with some other similarly minded people might help to elevate his recordings to the next, currently unattainable, level. (Independent)