Strung Out

"Town of Corazon" / "The Architect" (Acoustic on No Future)

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jun 1, 2018

After nearly three decades of blazing punk with a metallic twist, Strung Out returned this year with Black Out the Sky, an acoustic EP to set up trajectory tension before they drop a more traditional follow-up to Transmission.Alpha.Delta. Of course, having an acoustic EP likely made it easier for the SoCal quintet to choose the songs to strip down atop the roof of the Danforth Music Hall's Sidebar, where Exclaim! TV No Future met them for this session while they were on tour with Pennywise.

The EP's lead single, "Town of Corazon," delivers more on the poppy punk side of their equation with its irresistible lead, while EP opener "The Architect" is a bit darker with its verses approaching a metal band's best ballad before the chorus delivers the hooks the band became known for.

What's most impressive is that Strung Out have managed to maintain their punk and metal leanings, while stripping down their songwriting to a tamer temperament. But don't just take our word for it — watch the session in the players below.

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