The Strokes "Working Out Kinks" On Fourth Album

The Strokes 'Working Out Kinks' On Fourth Album
Everyone’s favourite prep-school fancy boys turned rock stars, the Stokes, have leaked word of a new album. Via a post by bassist Nikolai Fraiture on the band’s website, he says: "I'd like to say that I'm still looking very forward to a fourth album release. We just need to work out a few technical kinks."

Fraiture gives no clarification of what these "technical kinks” actually entailed, but adds, "It's been a long break but much needed for us to remain together as a productive band." He also goes on to say, "in order to not go completely insane during this extended break, I’ve been working on some music, including some covers, which I will be posting soon.”

The last time the band hit fans up with new sounds was in January 2006, when they dropped First Impressions of Earth, which met a long string of mixed reviews. No release date, tracklisting or any of that other usual album info has been confirmed.

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