The Strokes Finally Finish Recording New Album

The Strokes Finally Finish Recording New Album
It's been almost a year-and-a-half since the Strokes started recording their fourth full-length record. That's a pretty long time. Granted, a solo record from frontman Julian Casablancas distracted the suave rock group from getting things off the ground, but it feels like forever since they initially outlined a late 2009 release for the album. Better late than never, the Strokes have finally announced that they've finished recording the as-yet-untitled disc. Hopefully, this means they will still release this sucker next spring.

Recent tweets from band members Casablancas and bassist Nikolai Fraiture confirm that the Strokes have finished tracking the set. Mixing the disc, unfortunately, is a different story altogether.

"Still not going to be out for a few months -- mixing, etc., but JUST finally finished it yesterday actually!?," Casablancas wrote on his Twitter account.

Fraiture followed up the comment on his own Twitter page with an even more jazzed-up assessment of the Strokes' situation. "YES! It's true. Strokes IV is DONE!! Let's go party..."

While there aren't many concrete details surrounding the follow-up to 2006'sFirst Impressions of Earth, and there's still a chance that the sessions could get stuck in post-production limbo. Here's hoping we don't have to wait another half-decade to actually hear some new songs.