Stream the Opening Track of Alexisonfire's Old Crows/Young Cardinals Right Now at Exclaim!

Stream the Opening Track of Alexisonfire's <i>Old Crows/Young Cardinals</i> Right Now at Exclaim!
More than a few bands have been jumping on the "Radiohead model" bandwagon these days, choosing to release a downloadable version of their album on the internet and asking fans to donate whatever sum they see fit for the tunes. However, the boys of post-hardcore act Alexisonfire and their label Dine Alone Records have come up with a new, unique way to premiere their upcoming new album Old Crows/Young Cardinals: selecting ten different online partners and allowing each an exclusive track for a whole week. And guess what? It just so happens that Exclaim! is one of those partners.

For the next week, we will be exclusively streaming the opening track "Old Crows" off Alexisonfire's fourth full-length album, a whole week before the record officially drops on June 23.

Though the band's third opus, 2006's Crisis, was a platinum-selling hit, and even won Alexis a Juno Award, three years have passed, and naturally the group have evolved. The anthemic opening track has a much more mature sound, like grown-up rock'n'roll being played by grown-ups, and well, we love it.

To check out "Old Crows" right now, just head over to our Click Hear on the track, where the streaming has already begun. And to listen to the rest of the album, just click here to be directed to other online partners.