Strangers Weight

Being angry and aggro is nothing new, especially in terms of early ’90s-inspired hardcore. At this point, it takes something either drastically new or incredibly nostalgic to provoke listeners beyond the "been there, heard that” mentality. While old school purveyors Strangers have already garnered that attention on the strength of their debut EP Holding, it remained to be seen if a full-length would recreate such attention, let alone surpass it. Packed with music reminiscent of Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone, Weight displays a band that are just as terse, frank and wired as on their previous outing. However, they have managed to embrace a more — cough — mature means of conveyance. They are patient when letting their rage unfold but eventually let go, not holding it in so tightly as to let it become bitterness. Featuring members of the Deadline, Damaged, Scab and more, the bloodline for this antagonistic outfit is nothing but pure, which shows that while Strangers may be propelled by outrage at typical subject matter (that being, well, humanity), it doesn’t mean they can’t rip through ten tracks of no frills fury expediently and with vital nods to hardcore past, present and future. (Action Man)