Strange & Primitive 'Strange & Primitive' (album stream)

Strange & Primitive 'Strange & Primitive' (album stream)
Graham Fish and Jeff Musgrave are nearly ready to release their self-titled LP as Strange & Primitive, but before the record lands next week, Exclaim! is streaming it in its entirety.
The Toronto-based post-punk duo teased the new material with a video for "Difficulties Be Damned" earlier in the summer, but the band's journey through "exotic, electro-tinged and undeniably catchy soundscapes" expands on the forthcoming full-length.
"We want people listening to our music to feel transported, the way they might while watching a great film," said Fish in a statement, explaining the cinematic feel the pair were hoping to achieve.
The previously shared track opens the new set of songs, which then spirals into the fuzzed-out falsetto of "Eureka" and continues to take the listener through the synth-heavy charm of "Highwayman" and the experimental grooves of "I Don't Like Music." "That Big City Glow" blends acoustic instrumentation with pulsating electronics before the album eventually comes to a close with the slow-building and sombre-sounding denouement of "The Seventh Slot."
Strange & Primitive is officially out on August 21, but you can give it an early listen in the player below.