The Strange Boys Return with 'Live Music' Studio Album

The Strange Boys Return with 'Live Music' Studio Album
Since releasing their excellent sophomore album Be Brave last year, Austin garage pop group the Strange Boys have been hard at work with a rigorous tour schedule. That live energy must have translated in the studio, as the group have decided to call their upcoming third album Live Music.

Despite the title, however, this is not a live album but another studio record. Half of the album was recorded with Spoon drummer and producer Jim Eno while the other half was done with Mike McHugh, who also worked on Be Brave.

Live Music will be available on October 25 via Rough Trade. The album's opening track "Me and You" has a music video, which can be streamed below.

Live Music:

1. "Me and You"
2. "Walking Two by Two"
3. "Doueh"
4. "Punk's Pajamas"
5. "You and Me"
6. "Omnia Boa"
7. "Mama Shelter"
8. "Saddest"
9. "My Life Beats Me"
10. "Over the River and through Woulds"
11. "Right Before"
12. "Hidden Meanings, Soul Graffiti"
13. "You Taking Everything for Granite When You're Stone"
14. "Opus"