Stones Throw Records Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Box Set, Ten-Hour Party

Stones Throw Records Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Box Set, Ten-Hour Party
From Matador Records' recent debauched weekend to deluxe box sets from Ninja Tune and Warp, record label birthday celebrations are getting more and more elaborate. The next on the docket is Los Angeles-based out-there hip-hop imprint Stones Throw. For its tenth anniversary, it has revealed a ten-disc box set and ten-themed party.

 The whole celebration is themed on the number ten, which factors into this in many ways. First is the box set, a collection of Stones Throw gems from throughout the last decade spread across ten seven-inches in a deluxe box. On the records are classic tracks from the likes of Peanut Butter Wolf, Wildchild, Quasimoto, Jaylib and Madvillain, among many others.

 Then there's the label's actual birthday party, which is taking place in Los Angeles on October 10 (this Sunday). The evening features ten DJs performing for ten hours, each of whom will only be playing 45s. The lineup includes Baron Zen, Dâm-Funk, Danny Holloway, J Rocc, Madlib, Mahssa, Mayer Hawthorne, Peanut Butter Wolf, Prince Paul and Rhettmatic. If you feel like making the last-minute flight, the party is taking place at L.A.'s the Sex and kicks off at 4 p.m.

The rest of us will have to stick with the admittedly awesome box set. A proper release date has not been announced yet, but you can peruse the tracklisting below.

Disc one:

A. Charizma "My World Premiere"
B. Peanut Butter Wolf "In Your Area [ft. Planet Asia]"

Disc two:

A. Rasco "Unassisted"
B. Homeliss Derilex "Cash Money"

Disc three:

A. Lootpack "The Anthem"
B. Wildchild "Knicknack [ft. MED & Percee P]"

Disc four:

A. Quasimoto "Low Class Consipracy"
B. Quasimoto "Mr. Two-Faced / J.A.N."

Disc five:

A. Jaylib "Official"
B. Jaylib "Nowadayz"

Disc six:

A. Madvillain "Accordion"
B. Madvillain "Meat Grinder"

Disc seven:

A. MED "Can't Hold On"
B. Percee P "Last of the Greats"

Disc eight:

A. Oh No "Move Part 2 [ft. Roc C & Dilla]"
B. Roc C "Don't Stop"

Disc nine:

A. J Dilla "The $"
B. J Dilla "Make Em NV"

Disc ten:

A. Guilty Simpson "She Won't Stay at Home"
B. Strong Arm Steady "Best of Times"