Still Breathing September

Those zany Christians are always up to something sneaky and their latest mission is to slither into the metal world by creating some completely raging modern and abrasive music. And, God damn it, they're doing it well: Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, Zao and new kids on the block Still Breathing are all annihilating anyone's eardrums that will listen, all with a similar sound and all on the same label. So, call it the "Solid State sound” (note to self: no more Stryper jokes) and give Still Breathing a fair listen, because they deserve it, sketchy pastimes or not. The band plays a very emotionally scathing post-metal hardcore, with the jagged riffing of Meshuggah sneaking in, all played with impressive gobs of talent and energy. The vocals are more screamed than growled, creating a sound more treble than bass and more active than oppressive. Vocalist Dacey Buntin wails with the best of the boys of the genre and her melodic singing adds yet another side to this band's impressive sound. But where are the bee suits? Oops. (Solid State)