Stigg of the Dump featuring Sebutones Still Alive At The Veglia Lounge

It's a given that Sebutones, Buck 65 and Sixtoo sound best over their own production, but with Still Alive..., Halifax, NS, beatsmith Stigg of the Dump provides them with their best outside production yet; five songs in total of dark "goth-hop anthems" for the Sebutones to use and abuse. Unfortunately there's only one actual Sebutones track, "Pointing Fingers," an honest answer to the question: "What's up with the Sebutones?" It serves as the most important link between their last album, 50/50 Where It Counts, and the new one that's to come. The instrumental to "Pointing Fingers" is also included, highlighting the electric bass playing of Erik M.O. (of Sonic Sum), another boundary pushing hip-hop group. Plus, the EP opens with "Five Dollar Jesus," a chunky beat with lo-fi Buck 65 vocals and a sad story; classic Buck. Sixtoo steps up next with "Garbage Rain," a dense, spaced-out track that fumbles at the chorus. But it's Sixtoo's album closer, "Short Strings," that is the album's solo gem (of course the Sebs track is the highlight). Sixtoo spits battle raps over a warped drumbeat drenched in sweeping strings and flashes of cymbals. Hopefully, the Sebutones' own release will be this good. (Endemik)