Steve Hauschildt Announces 'Where All Is Fled' LP, Shares Title Track

Steve Hauschildt Announces 'Where All Is Fled' LP, Shares Title Track
When Emeralds broke up in 2013, Steve Hauschildt had been releasing a fairly steady stream of solo material. His last studio album Sequitur was released at the end of 2012 and was followed up with a rare home recordings compilation the next year. He hasn't released any new material since, but that's about to change.
Hauschildt has announced that he will release a new full-length titled Where All Is Fled, and it's due out on September 25 via Kranky.
As Resident Advisor reports, the new record can be sonically tied to early albums like Rapt for Liquid Minister and Tragedy & Geometry, though the label assures listeners that Where All Is Fled will deliver its own sound inspired by "surrealist landscape paintings, early alchemical emblems, and recurring visions."
A result of these inspirations, the new songs will feature an array of sampled sounds hidden in the music including crowd sounds, animal noises and text-to-speech synthesis.
You can see the surrealist album artwork pictured above, while the full tracklisting can be found below. Scroll past the list of songs titled to hear the sparse and haunting title track from Where All Is Fled.
Where All Is Fled:
1. Eyelids Gently Dreaming
2. Arpeggiare
3. A Reflecting Pool
4. Anesthesia
5. Vicinities
6. Edgewater Prelude
7. In Spite of Time's Disguise
8. Where All is Fled
9. The World is Too Much With Us
10. Aequus
11. Caduceus
12. Sundialed
13. Lifelike
14. Centrifuge