Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier Returns with New Solo Album

Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier Returns with New Solo Album
A couple of years on from the release of Laetitia Sadier's second solo LP, Silencio, the Stereolab frontwoman has revealed there's a new album on the way, as well as a record from her project Little Tornados.

Sadier's Something Shines arrives September 23, with the album being pressed up by longtime label Drag City. The 10-song set is currently being previewed via a stream of the ornate and haunting strummer "Then, I Will Love You Again." You'll find the song, as well as the tracklisting, down below.

As for Little Tornados, the band started up an IndieGoGo campaign to help pay for production costs for their first vinyl LP, We Are Divine. The group is steered by filmmaker David Thayer and Sadier, who tackles bass and vocals on the LP. Other musicians include Shakira collaborator Ben Peeler, Bjoern Magnusson, trumpeter Daniel Woodtli and drummer Emmanuel Mario.

The fundraising campaign describes We Are Divine as "a rich pop album made up of lush arrangements, haunting hooks, driving pop with a touch of country," while the band themselves have "aspirations to help end political tyranny wrought by capitalist greed and the self-serving sadists and fools who currently run our society."

You'll discover how the sound and fury mesh via an economically, politically minded video down below explaining the band's manifesto, while a separate audio player lets you sample the post-modern lounge tendencies of the group's "Have a Balloon."

An ETA for We Are Divine has yet to be determined, with just over $600 of the band's $6,000 goal being met so far. The fundraising campaign closes August 31.

Thanks to Stereogum for the tip.

Something Shines:

1. Quantum Soup
2. Then I Will Love You Again
3. The Milk of Human Tenderness
4. The Scene of the Lie
5. Release from the Centre of Your Heart
6. Butter Side Up
7. Transhumance
8. Echo Port
9. Oscuridad
10. Life is Winning