The Stepkids Perform "500 Miles High" (Chick Corea and Return to Forever Cover)

The Stepkids Perform '500 Miles High' (Chick Corea and Return to Forever Cover)
For the second time in under a year, Connecticut's the Stepkids visited the Exclaim! office for a TV session. This time the trio performed on our upper deck overlooking a residential street in Toronto's Bloorcourt neighbourhood.

With members having served as the backing band for such contemporary R&B artists as Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill, the Stepkids adeptly update vintage funk, soul, jazz and R&B sounds. In this clip they perform their own unique arrangement of jazz master Chick Corea's manic bop track "500 Miles High."

Drummer Tim Walsh works his snare with brushes as Dan Edinberg lays down a walking bass line and guitarist Jeff Gitelman strums out some jazzy chords and a delightfully meandering solo. The intricate three-part vocal harmonies bring everything together, calling attention to the group's musical proficiency and tight chemistry.

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