Stephen Harper's Sour Notes, Gucci Mane's Arrest and Titus Andronicus vs. the Pogues in Our News Roundup

Stephen Harper's Sour Notes, Gucci Mane's Arrest and Titus Andronicus vs. the Pogues in Our News Roundup
Following another headline-filled week, here we are again with our weekly news roundup. This time out, we have everything from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper hitting some sour notes in the Canadian music industry, Gucci Mane once again getting arrested and Titus Andronicus saying some less than kind words about their former tourmates the Pogues.

First off, our old pal Gucci Mane is once again in legal hot water, this time for parole violations and for allegedly pushing a woman out of a moving vehicle. Thanks to these smooth moves, Gucci is once again back in the slammer. We're sure he will get out at some point soon, only to find himself back in the same predicament.

On a similar note, Lil Wayne reportedly owes some $5 million to the IRS, while Weezy's criminal record may put his Canadian tour dates in jeopardy. However, contrary to media reports, the rapper apparently wasn't denied a UK visa, because, well, he never applied for one.

On the Canadian front, it wasn't a kind week for Stephen Harper. First, Library Voices let loose a new anti-Harper track (along with inking a deal with Nevado), while Arcade Fire followed suit with some PM bashing of their own. Then, to top it all off, YouTube clips featuring the Conservative leader doing a rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" were pulled over copyright violations. We're no political experts but we're thinking the Harp may want to book a few more meet 'n' greets at Timmy Ho's to mitigate some of the damage.

Also this week, we learned about Daniel Romano's new story-based album, TV on the Radio's Nine Types of Light movie, the estate of Rick James's lawsuit against Universal and a controversial "social experiment" involving a fake Salem track.

Last but not least, German electronic pioneer Roedelius has resurrected Cluster as Qluster but ditched his bud Moebius in the process, while Titus Andronicus slammed their former tourmates the Pogues for failing to treat them like fellow human beings.