Stephanie Finch And The Company Men Cry Tomorrow

Considering that until now, Stephanie Finch has made her name as part of husband Chuck Prophet's band, it's no surprise that debut album Cry Tomorrow isn't a huge departure from his work. The fact that he's now in her band plays a part in that too, as does the presence of Kelley Stoltz, who adds some of his golden pop goodness to the proceedings. But this is still Finch's record and she has a vocal style reminiscent of Aimee Mann, something also reflected in her lyrics, which can be humorous or withering, as the situation demands. The music is very straightforward, old school rock that wouldn't sound out of place on Stiff Records in the late '70s, or Bloodshot Records these days. She co-wrote six of the ten songs, with Prophet having a hand in a few others, although it's the cover of Randy Newman's "She's The One" that is the standout track. It's all very pleasant and fun, even if it isn't revolutionary. Finch sounds like she's having a ball with her Company Men and it's difficult not to be won over by their enthusiasm. (Belle Sound)