Statistics Statistics

Those who thought Bright Eyes was the only offshoot of the Desaparecidos collective can now get excited, for there is another. Statistics, like Bright Eyes, isn’t a carbon copy of Desa, but there are similarities that will lure fans in. Denver Dalley, the man behind Statistics, likes his big rock riffs and melodic cathartic workouts, but he also enjoys taking his music in different directions. This introductory EP (the debut album will be out late this year or early 2004) gives some insight into Dalley’s fondness for more complex arrangements. Using synths, programmed beats and glitches, Statistics may sound very different on paper, but Dalley’s use of such electronic gadgetry is controlled. Visions of Talk Talk and Radiohead’s recent foray into laptop noise appear, mainly in "Cure Me,” but not in an overwhelming manner. Alongside, there is plenty of indie rock to go around as "Hours Seemed Like Days” proves, showing that what Statistics has to offer is another fine chip off the old Omaha block. (Jade Tree)