Statistics Leave Your Name

After making a formal introduction last year with the decent self-titled EP, Statistics (aka Denver Dalley of the excellent emo-thrashing Desaparecidos) has made too many errors in judgment on his debut album. Leave Your Name is filled with soul searching and exploring all sorts of boundaries for a comfortable sound. Where Dalley goes wrong is with a relentlessness to stick with his winning formula. It’s pretty obvious that he can write some heartbreaking melodies, yet he saturates them with gratuitous electronics that end up making it sound like he’s just dicking around. "A Number Not A Name” is a prime example of his sore attempt to make a smooth transition into electro-pop. Unfortunately, his lyrics don’t fare any better, choosing to ruin a decent arrangement like "Hours Seemed Like Days” with jumble about how technology is ruining entertainment (mp3s, CG). The only redeeming features of this record are "Reminisce,” a crunchy, show of sincerity and the brief "Accomplishment,” which actually benefits from some experimenting. Leave Your Name should be something to tide you over until the next Desaparecidos album drops, but instead it makes the wait even harder. (Jade Tree)