Starvations Gravity's A Bitch

While it might not always be obvious when an album was recorded, Gravity’s A Bitch, the third full-length by Los Angeles band the Starvations, could have come out any time in the last 25 years. It is a glorious mix of punk rock and folk that has elicited comparisons to the Pogues, probably aided by the band’s decision to include a Shane MacGowan composition on their first album. But really, the Starvations are a product of the ’80s L.A. punk scene. It isn’t too hard to imagine them sharing the stage with the Gun Club or even X. Gravity’s A Bitch is a frenetic album that seems to end not long after it begins; hardly surprising considering the pace at which most songs progress at; yet it doesn’t feel too long either. While there is a lot to admire about the band’s energy, it can be a little exhausting to listen to the Starvations for too long. Their saving grace is their authenticity; there’s nothing contrived about their music and it is presented warts and all for the world to hear. It might lack the polish of some of their contemporary counterparts but that doesn’t make Gravity’s A Bitch any less endearing. (Gold Standard Laboratories)