Stars' Torquil Campbell Returns to Memphis Side-Project for New Album

Stars' Torquil Campbell Returns to Memphis Side-Project for New Album
Just last week, we heard the new album by Dead Child Star, the side-project of Stars frontman Torquil Campbell. Now, the songwriter is rolling out another new album, this time with his band Memphis. The duo of Campbell and Chris Dumon will release their third LP, Here Comes a City, on March 8 via Arts & Crafts.

In a press release, Campbell said, "We have a gang; there are two members of it; the gang is called Memphis. It's kind of stupid for two grown men to have a gang based around bicycles and pop music and weed and friendship, but we do, so fuck it."

The new album also reportedly contains "exquisitely crafted pop songs that translates to music stunning imagery from everyday life."

This is Memphis's first album since 2006, when they released A Little Place in the Wilderness. This new LP has been in process for three years, with sessions taking place in Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Seattle and the Niagara region. The title Here Comes a City is "an acknowledgment of the nomadic nature in which the album was made in light of both musicians' schedules."

If you go to the Arts & Crafts website, you can download the upbeat single "I Want the Lights on After Dark" in exchange for an email address.

Here Comes a City:

1. "Here Comes a City"
2. "Apocalypse Pop Song"
3. "I Want the Lights on After Dark"
4. "Five Loops" 5. "What Is This Thing Called?"
6. "I Am the Photographer"
7. "Reservoir"
8. "Wait!"
9. "Way Past Caring"
10. "M+E=ME"