Starlite Desperation Violate A Sundae

L.A. scuzz rockers Starlite Desperation possess a hefty confidence that could be construed as cockiness. Their third release and first on Cold Sweat is an EP of dizzying punk rock that draws heavily from the band’s many influences. Aiming for something dangerous, in your face and full of enough power to literally knock your socks off, the quartet achieves its goals with ease. The fuzzy opening riff of "The Thing” has an immediate resemblance to "Get Free” by the Vines, but as soon as singer Dante Adrian opens his trap and the Spector-like drumbeats from "Be My Baby” kick in, those comparisons are thrown out the window. With a voice that resembles Glenn Danzig’s unmistakable bellow, Adrian certainly contains the oral muscles needed to front such an aggressive rock band. At times, Starlite Desperation sounds an awful lot like a homicidal version of the Von Bondies, as Adrian’s howl occasionally parallels that of Jason Stollsteimer’s, not to mention the sleazy guitars and garage rock overtones. Of course, this is purely accidental, since they predate the Detroit band and give the impression they certainly wouldn’t back down from a punch. (Cold Sweat)