Star Captains "Lightwork" (video)

Star Captains 'Lightwork' (video)
Following the release of their 2013 debut New Freedoms, Vancouver's Star Captains hunkered down in their very own hand-built studio to expand their sound. Delving into the realms of electronic soundscapes and digital effects, the band's latest offering Lightwork arrives later this year, and Exclaim! is giving you a preview of things to come with the brand new video for the LP's title track.
"Lightwork" is awash in atmospheric synths and glossy vocals, and it's accompanied by a video that features equally entrancing choreography. A group of dancers perform under mysterious purple lights and fog, while sequins, sparkles and studs from the styling department add some extra embellishment.
Take it all in by watching the video for "Lightwork" down below.